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MaxiPartners – partnership program of the international brokerage firm which allows you to earn on Forex without having to do the trading.
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User Agreement

Before proceeding to the registration, please read our general terms and conditions set out in the Partnership Agreement.

Who can take part in the Partnership program?

After becoming a participant of the Partnership program, You have to confirm your compliance with underwritten conditions by clicking the button “I agree”, which you can find below. Moreover, in compliance with this Agreement to get access to all the marketing tools, and to receive rewards, bonuses, or other kind of commission from MaxiPartners, You have to comply with all the conditions set forth in this Agreement.

Under this Agreement the term “Company” or “We” is relating to the company MaxiPartners. The term “Customer” or “Client” is relating to the company entering into agreement with “MaxiPartners” for website promotion or other Company products (Maxi Services Ltd,, MaxiMarkets).

The term “Partner”, “Contractor” or “You” is relating to the company or individual who accepted the terms of the Agreement and entered into corresponding Contract for website/s promotion of the “Customer” company by means of provided marketing tools via own website, under the terms and conditions of the present Agreement.

2. Registration

To register, please, read this Agreement fully and then confirm your compliance with terms and conditions of this Agreement and register via our website as a participant of the Partnership program MaxiPartners (“Partner”). Your registration will be declined if we consider your website unsatisfying to our requirements for website content. Among these are such websites as: being under development; with underage oriented content; with strong sexual content; encouraging violence; discriminating on grounds of race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or discriminating people with physical disabilities; internet resources encouraging illegal actions, or infringing the intellectual property rights.

3. Partnership Agreement

3.1 Within the Agreement term of validity (Agreement validity period starts immediately after confirming compliance with the terms of the present Agreement and in accordance with the above laid procedures and expires in case of receiving by e-mail an official notification of the Agreement termination from one of the parties), the company iPartners provides You with various marketing tools («Marketing Tools») — banners, other materials for posting on your website (hereafter “Partner’s Website”).

3.2 These tools (banners, links, etc. – «Supplied Banners»), are provided by MaxiPartners and exclusively for contacting new clients. The Partner in turn agrees to provide the Company with reports on posting these MaxiPartners tools on his/her websites by means of hyperlinks by using various URL.
3.3 As Company-Partner relations defined by this Agreement are non-exclusive for both parties, the Partner has the right to enter into similar agreements/contracts with other companies and post banners and other advertising materials of such companies on his/her website. In turn, the company MaxiPartners has the right to enter into agreements with other companies providing similar services on their websites and provide them with banners and advertising materials.

4. Setting and posting of banners, copies, and other advertising materials.

4.1 As a Partner you receive access via website MaxiPartners to MaxiPartners Marketing Tools, including graphic and text links.

4.2 Within the period of validity of the present Agreement, MaxiPartners and the Customer provide the Partner with non-exclusive, non-negotiable, non-transferable right (except for the cases defined bellow) to use (copy, distribute, display and present publicly or privately) the following: Customer and MaxiPartners banners, Company name, website title, key words and phrases, and other text or graphic materials received from Customer of MaxiPartners (collectively – “Customer” Material), for the purpose of promotion on the Partner’s website within the whole period defined by the agreement with the Customer, and for specific purposes approved above. MaxiPartners and the Customer authorize the Partner to set and promote the corresponding advertising material.

4.3 At that, the Partner cannot alter or distort the text and/or other advertising materials.

4.4 The Partner agrees to comply with the following requirements and terms when posting advertising materials of MaxiPartners and/or Customer:

(a) not to use any other trademarks, markings, logos, symbols and other logotypes, except for those received from MaxiPartners and/or Customer. Not to use fonts different from those provided by the Customer in the material without previous coordination.

(b) all terms or other definitions posted on the Partner’s website in its content cannot by any means even implicitly indicate, suggest or declare that the Customer is the owner, a joint owner or a sponsor to the Partner.

(c) Advertising materials posted on the Partner’s website cannot inflict any damage on MaxiPartners or the Customer, and also its products or services. All provided materials are to be posted to the benefit of the Customer and do not grant property rights (neither material nor intellectual) to the Partner. Titles, logos, trademarks, symbols, other graphic and text markings similar to the Customer’s can be used only with written approval of MaxiPartners and/ or the Customer.

(d) not to use brand key words or phrases (keywords) in paid up advertising PPC, including Google Adwords Yandex.Direct. You cannot use the words: maximarkets, maxi-markets, and other brand word-combinations.

4.5 In the Customer-Partner relations, only the Customer has the exclusive copyrights (in accordance with the Copyright and Trademarks Law). All the materials of the Customer such as titles, trademarks, logos, symbols and other brand marks belong exclusively to the Customer and can be used only with his/her approval and in compliance with the terms and conditions of the present Agreement.

5. Posting Links

You confirm your agreement to cooperate with us to the full extent for the purpose of posting and updating the links leading to MaxiPartners and the Customer’s websites on your website. You bear the responsibility for maintaining, technical support and updating your website. The graphic and text links provided by MaxiPartners and the Customers are regularly updated and you correspondingly bear responsibility for timely updating advertising links and other materials on your website. MaxiPartners has the right to monitor your website and send notifications with requirements to introduce alterations or updates at own discretion and when necessary.

6. Information provided to the Customer

By registration on the website MaxiPartners, You agree to receive various materials from MaxiPartners. If you decide to decline the provided information, MaxiPartners and its Customers disclaim all liabilities of any damage incurred by You as the result of the refusal mentioned above.

7. Anti-Spam Policy

7.1 “Spam” is a procedure of sending letters by e-mail to one or several addressees who did not express a desire to receive such letters. Moreover, a spam can be a message, which does not comply with “CAN-SPAM Act 2003” Federal Standards notwithstanding its content.

7.2 The Company MaxiPartners prohibits such unsolicited mailshots (spam) both via e-mail and via any other form. Every participant of the partnership program (the Partner) who uses such fraudulent mailshots methods (spam) automatically violates terms of this Agreement and such case can be seen as a valid reason for unilateral termination of the Agreement. In such the Partner is liable to pay all the damages caused by his illegal actions.

7.3 You are not entitled to send electronic messages on behalf of MaxiPartners, its Customers and/or other Partners without previous written approval of MaxiPartners. You are also not entitled to make any declarations on behalf of MaxiPartners, its Partners or Customers without previous written approval.

7.4 In case if You decide to use the system of mailshot via e-mail, the messages in mailshot shall in all cases contain the following information for potential recipient:

(a) The text of a letter should include clear and ineligible warning for the recipient that this letter is of advertising nature.

(b) The message must provide a possibility to refuse from any further mailshot of this kind.

(c) The request to opt-out of an e-mail list must be processed within 10 days from receipt.
(d) The message must contain the operating e-mail address and also actual address of the sender.

(e) The heading of a letter must not be misleading or provide knowingly false statement.

8. Norms and Regulations for advertisement

8.1 Internet advertisement must be provided in consistence with the current laws and regulations of jurisdiction applicable to the territory where the Partner is located.

8.2 Consumer’s Banners must be displayed on the Partner’s website in such a way that all the visitors to the site could visually identify this link, as well as any other advertising material displayed on the Partner’s website.

8.3 If the Partner posts on his/her website advertising banners or other graphic advertising links provided by other companies, he/she shall indicate information about Consumer’s website in the same format, with previous coordination as for the text following the banner or logo of the Consumer.

8.4 Other (offline) marketing activity is allowed only with official approval from MaxiPartners.

8.5 PR – campaigns which use modified but close to original or derivatives from the key words or the key word themselves (Maxi Services Ltd,, MaxiMarkets and MaxiPartners) are not allowed.

9. Fair Practices

You must not use offence methods of Internet marketing for your own benefit whether or not it inflicts damage on MaxiPartners or the Consumer. If any links or materials from your website have direct or implicit connection to a client caught in fraud towards the Consumer, we reserve the right at any moment to refuse to pay the commission charged for engagement of this client. Our decision on this matter is final and is not a subject to any review. We also reserve the right to detain the sums entitled to You, under this Agreement, if we have a ground to suspect that such fraud took place with your knowledge.

10. Commision and Promotion Bonuses

10.1 You are entitled to receive commission and bonuses, the terms and conditions of receiving such are set forth in this Agreement. MaxiPartners Company shall not be liable to accrue or pay the commission fee, as it is included in Consumer’s duties. You are not entitle to receive commission offered by the Consumer website.

10.2 Commission fees are accrued on the basis of your chosen reward system:

a) CPA (Cost-per-acquisition): from $100 for deposit from $500

b) Revenue Share: from 20%

c) Super-affiliate: 10% from every sub-partnership

10.3 Commission fees are accrued according to date indicted on website. The commission fees are paid to the Partners in accordance with terms and conditions of the Agreement for the calendar month due to date before the 15th of the current month. MaxiPartners reserves the right to be reimbursed for expenses connected with payment of commission fees.

10.4 MaxiPartners reserves the right to review the commission payment in case if you or third parties use the materials posted on your website for illegal purposes. In such cases as this MaxiPartners reserves the right to refuse all commission payment completely. Any fraud action on your side will be considered as violation to the Agreement. In case of such violation, MaxiPartners reserves the right to terminate the Agreement immediately.

11. Termination

We may terminate your account in following cases:

11.1.If you violate this User Agreement,

11.2.For any reason at the discretion of the business.