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Create a business: affiliate marketing program

Получайте больше прибыли от траффика

How to build a business under the wing of a reliable company What is the affiliate business in principle? The very expression of «affiliate business on the Internet», on the one hand, is very clear: there are partners who share the responsibility for doing business on the Internet, and, accordingly, the profit. Do you agree that it sound’s good! On the other hand, there are many questions: what kind of business to organize, what services to provide, ... Read More »

What is arbitrage traffic and where to start earning

Leads prospects customers

Monetization of traffic — one of the most important issues of the affiliate business. About what is the Affiliate business as a whole, we figured out in the previous article. How to maximize the monetization of traffic and make good money on it? When placing any type of advertising of partner products on your own resource — on the site, in the blog, in public, on social networks, on Facebook, you recommend your subscribers to use your partner’s services and get a commission ... Read More »

Рекомендации новичкам

В этой статье мы хотим поделиться важной информацией с новичками в партнерском бизнесе. Это обязательно к прочтению каждому, кто хочет научиться зарабатывать на партнерских программах любого уровня, независимо от продукта. 1. Знать бизнес-процесс партнера с позиции клиента Большинство маркетологов не хотят вникать в тонкости того бизнеса, в который привлекают клиентов. Это большая ошибка, так как деньги Вам платит тот, кто обрабатывает Ваш трафик. От того, насколько качественно он обрабатывается, и зависит, сколько Вам заплатят, ... Read More »

Promote your website without spending money

If you have chosen to drive traffic through a website, there are several ways of doing it without spending money. This is not to say that you can do it completely cost free because, after all, there are unavoidable expenses such as securing a domain name, server space, and more. Nevertheless, in this article you can find a few tricks ... Read More »

How to make $1000 or more in the first month of working with MaxiPartners

Let’s start by saying that making this kind of money is extremely easy. The average CPA that Maxipartners pays our affiliates is around $250, which means that you only need to bring in four FTD’s to reach this goal. This means that in order to reach 1K a month, all you need is one FTD a week. If you are ... Read More »

Why do you need content for your website?

Зачем нужен контент?

Website content is important in so many ways, and fills several main functions in promoting a dedicated page, product, or service. The first and foremost purpose filled by the content of a website is conveying the advantages of the product or service to which the website is dedicated. For this reason alone, the content in the website is irreplaceable as ... Read More »

The essence of partnership programs

Что такое Партнерская Программа?

Partner programs, also known as affiliate programs, are a format of results- driven online marketing, and a trend on the rise in the marketing/ advertising world. This marketing method has a model that is mutually beneficial to both the partner and the vendor, and in which the advertising partner receives compensation for clients who make a purchase. While partners are ... Read More »

A Good start: How to start working on an affiliate program?

Participation in the partner program is, in essence, deciding to open your own business. And as we know, any business begins with planning. Therefore, at the start of work, you need to define a method of promotion, with which you and will attract potential customers to the company. There is a whole array of methods. Opening own office: The most ... Read More »

10 work errors you can avoid

Do you actively engage in social networks, or within the frameworks of your own Internet resource, but are the desired quantities of new referrals still not reached? Maybe you’re missing something. We have compiled a list of the 10 most common mistakes that can allow partners, but are easily avoided. 1. 1. An absence of illustrations or pictures of poor ... Read More »

How do you make your content interesting for site visitors?

If you do everything precisely in terms of SEO-copywriting, you will achieve a higher ranking in search engines, but you don’t guarantee a steady stream of readers’ attention, so it’s important to pay attention to the crucial referral link. Fact is, a living person, and, say, yandex, are not the same thing. For example, a search engine may find that ... Read More »