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MaxiPartners – partnership program of the international brokerage firm which allows you to earn on Forex without having to do the trading.
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Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms
Glossary of terms

1. Partnership program – is a form of business cooperation and one of the most efficient means of earning money on the Internet. The essence of a partnership program lies in the fact, that a company pays you a part of its profit or an agreed single remuneration for attracting new clients.
2. Affliate — is a participant of a partnership program (a partner), who attracts new clints to the company. There are several main types of cooperation in MaxiPartners: “An Internet partner”, “An introducing broker”, “A certified consultant”, “An investment manager” and “A Superpartner”.
3. Registering your partner dashboard and profile — is a process of typing in and sending you personal data using a special form on the official website of a partnership program. The registration is complete when you obtain your login and password to access your partner profile and dashboard.
4. Partner’s dashboard – is a tool aimed at controlling and managing your partnership business. This is your personal webpage on MaxiPartners website, which you can access only with the help of a login and a password provided by the company. On your partner’s dashboard you can find all necessary advertising materials and up-to-date information about the results of your work.
5. Trading account activation — is a process, which follows a client’s registration on MaxiMarkets website, and consisting in providing all the necessary documents and making a deposit to the account, big enough to start trading in accordance with the conditions of the company.
6. Spread – is a payment automatically sent to the broker when his client makes this or that buying or selling transaction.
7. Partner’s remuneration — is an income allocated to a partner and based on the number and activity of the clients who joined the company using his unique link. MaxiPartners offers its partners different types of allocating their income: CPA and RewShare.
8. CPA – cost per action – is method of payment which presupposes that you get money when a client brought by you carries out some useful actions.
9. RewShare — pay per sale – is the method of payment when you receive a certan percentage of the company profit, which is generated by a client brought by you.
10. Authorization in a partnership program — is permitting a user to have access to the website resources.
11. Referral — is a participant of a partnership program who registered using a referral link of a MaxiPartners partner. A referral link is a link to a partner’s website with a unique partner’s identification number. These are the links which are used by the script of the partnership program to detect the number of clicks-through and these registrations bring honest money to the partners. A referral link must be as follows:
12. Partner’s lead – is an action of registration of the referral in response to the offer from a partner.
13. Cookies life time is a key characteristics of a partnership program. The life time shows how long a visitor, who came using a partner’s link will be assigned to a certain partner. In other words, it shows the period during which the activation of a trading account by a client on the company’s website will be assigned to the given partner. The longer it is, the more chances a partner has for remuneration. The cookies life time in MaxiPartners is 90 days.
14. Creatives are a set of materials which partners can use to promote the company. In the range of MaxiPartners materials used for promotion you can find:
Newsletters – creative text messages, aimed at emailing them to potential referrals.
Flash – a technology, allowing to create advertising banners with a complex animation and effects. Flash-banners of MaxiPartners have their original design, high-quality animation and different sizes.
Banner (in jpeg format) – a static picture, placed on web-pages for advertising purposes. Usually a banner is a link to Umarkets website or a landing
page, which contains a more detailed information about a service or an offer.
Landing page («selling page») – a web-page containing information about services of a company. You can go to it using links in search results, from a website, from social networks or by means of a banner.
RSS Feed – a technology used for broadcasting the news, analytical forecasts and new press releases of the company on a partner’s website.
Articles – text materials, covering this or that service, provided by the company, which a partner can place on his/her own Internet-resource or a page in social networks.
16. Web-site is a system of electronic documents with the same address (domain name or IP-address). A site or a public page in social networks is the main tool for an Internet partner of MaxiPartners.
17. Forum is a format of communication on a web-site. Each topic can have a separate discussion thread. When you answer somebody’s message, your reply will be automatically attached to the initial message. The sequence of such replies creates a discussion thread.
18. Advertising space is a position allocated for placing advertising materials of a certain type when coding a website. As a rule, the most efficient advertising spaces placed on the initial screen, which means they are seen without a need to scroll the page down.