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How do you make your content interesting for site visitors?

How do you make your content interesting for site visitors?

If you do everything precisely in terms of SEO-copywriting, you will achieve a higher ranking in search engines, but you don’t guarantee a steady stream of readers’ attention, so it’s important to pay attention to the crucial referral link.

Fact is, a living person, and, say, yandex, are not the same thing. For example, a search engine may find that you have filled the site with unique content that might be useful to readers, and display a link to the website in accordance with requests. By the same token, after clicking on your web address, a few seconds is all it may take for the user to decide to close the page or continue reading it.

It is important to understand that the average user does not appreciate your site in terms of uniqueness, number of hits and publications. This approach to filling the site is the quickest route to losing potential buyers.

To make sure your site has been interesting not only for the search engines, but also for users who are potential referrals, try the following:

Bet on quality

Pay attention to the quality of existing materials. In order to do so, employ professional journalists, or bloggers—or contact your broker for informational support. Don’t try to have a lot of keywords. It’s much more important that the text is written in a lively way, contains novel ideas and discusses complex issues in an accessible way. It needs to expand on theme with from an unusual angle and be easy to read.

Forget about the past

Changing the title, opening paragraph and subtitles of a paragraph will not make it more relevant and readable. If you need to repeat a certain piece of information, at least choose a different form of delivery. Divide the paper into smaller blocks, present it in a succinct style, or, on the contrary, add plenty of specific examples.

The keyword is not the most important thing

Over-saturating your text with keywords and synonyms is makes reading a website similar communicating with an autoresponder over the phone. Limit your use of such ancillary programs like Google Adwords and other keyword tools.

Don’t lie

After reading the title and preview of an article, the reader has to make a quick and obvious conclusion: is it necessary to read all of it? To make sure their initial curiosity is not replaced by disappointment, don’t make “empty promises”. Try to make your descriptions as “delicious” and fascinating as possible, and the title – bright and interesting. Don’t say that you are going to “reveal the secrets of great traders”, when in fact, you’re going to discuss intricacies of sculpting strategy.

Be creative

Each article should be unique so that people have an urge to re-read it. Generously share your experiences with users, express unconventional points of view, and offer alternative solutions.

Expand your boundaries

How do you write quality web content? Articles should written in neutral language, without emotion and lyrical digressions. Take al alternative route. Text should be easy to read and enjoyable—it should speak to each individual reader. Imagine that you’re not writing an article, but a letter to an old acquaintance, and expand as much as possible on secondary material. This means including videos, graphics, visual illustrations, and more.

Good start:Where to start an affiliate program work?

Participation in the partner program is, in essence, deciding to open your own business. And as we know, any business begins with planning. Therefore, at the start of work, you need to define a method of promotion, with which you and will attract potential customers to the company.

There is a whole array of useful methods. Some of them include:

1. Opening own office: The most effective way to communicate with potential customers thanks to the possibility of personal contact. With the right approach to the organization of workflow and competent staff training, the customer base will grow steadily and provide a good representation of the growth of remuneration. In this case, MaxiPartners provides comprehensive support to partners. You get the materials for the printing industry, with which you can arrange office space and fully inform customers about the services provided by the company.

2. Launch Site. You can order a site designed by professionals, buy a ready-made one, or construct it yourself using one of the many free hosting programs. Regardless of the design you choose for your online resources, you can always find suitable affiliate program banners. Each will contain a unique code, which determines that the customer has registered, it was brought to your attention. Even if the account is not activated immediately, but after a while (valid cookies – 90 days), we will know that it is your merit.

3. Personal blog. It’s very convenient and practical to create your own page on one of the popular free platforms. Make sure to regularly update content, simultaneously placing in the text of your personalized link. Of course, original, relevant content greatly increases the demand for your articles.

4. Post relevant topics in forums. The Yandex search engine alone has more than 4 million forums with topics corresponding to our partner products. You just need to leave comments with the URL-link to the forums and offer the company’s services.

5. Social media accounts: Creation of information groups and communities to help you promote your referral link is also considered promising. Promoted social network group performance could be compared with its own portal which includes a blog and a forum. A simple rule Social media marketing (SMM) will help you make the Community demand in the short term.

6. Communication: Potential customers can be your business partners or friends. By offering them the option of investment earnings, you will also receive their reward.

Prior to starting out on a full-scale drill campaign brand, see how other partners. You will probably gather a lot of interesting examples of what to do and what not to. Look for your own unique way and method of work and a steady increase in the column of remuneration is not far off.

5 Beginner Tips for Creating a Newsletter. E-mail newsletters and promotional offers are fast, inexpensive and effective ways to significantly increase your customer base,, thereby raising the prospects of making a profit. In order to maximize results, you need to consider the quality of the mailing list. We have a few tips on how to create and develop it.

1. Start with what you have

Take some time to organize the data from your organizer and mailbox. E-mail addresses of friends, partners, colleagues, family or clients with whom you communicating periodically, can form the foundation of your future base. Add to it contacts all the new people you meet, and gradually you will form quite an impressive list.

2. Remind people you exist

Do you have a Website? Use all kinds of interfaces to provide visitors an easy way of subscribing. Pop-up windows and registration forms are two examples of these. You may also want to include links to your subscription in your e-mail signature that automatically gets attached to mail you send out. Make sure to also list your first and last name, company name and phone number. It’s a good idea to also add an offer to be the first to access exciting events and top deals.

3. Cooperate with others

Your contacts are likely to include someone who also earns money online. So it’s a good idea to exchange mailing lists or make an agreement to conduct a mutual promotion. By the way, do not forget to remind your subscribers to recommend your newsletter to friends. Sharing information and sending out large quantities of e-mails in the hope of discovering something useful may work wonders and can bring you a lot of new subscribers, and in the end – referrals.

4. Use specialized resources

Sites like, and were created based on the example of large directories. People are always looking for new information and, as a rule, sign up for several newsletters on their topic of interest at the same time. Make sure to register to these resources.

5. Write better, offer more

Let one of your tasks go something like this: create an offer that can’t be refused. If you make a rule to send out important, fresh and exclusive information – there’s no way it’ll end up in the “Spam” folder. Don’t be afraid to discuss joint actions with the company and offer your ideas to encourage customers who have signed up through your referral link. This will provide you with a good framework for generating proposals which people won’t be able to turn down.