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Unique content in email marketing

Unique content in email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most useful tools in a marketing professional’s arsenal when promoting a Forex brokerage, but if used improperly it can easily become a double edged sword. For this tool to bring about the desired results, the content of the email must be tailored not only to the promoted product or service, but also to overcome various technical obstacles which will ensure that the email is received and not automatically directed to the spam box.

The first, and perhaps most important, content issue that must be tackled when building content for an email marketing campaign is the content for the title. The title of an email contains two functions: it is both the first message that the client sees (and thus extremely important in ensuring that they will continue to read the email), and it is a major component by which email browsers filter spam emails from pertinent ones. Since Forex trading involves making profits, and many affiliates advertise our bonuses in (which are both the quintessential spam words) in their emails, the title must contain a marketable message which will appeal to traders while passing the “spam barriers” set by email browsers.

The content found in the body of the email is the next phase that must also be tackled when setting up a Forex email marketing campaign, as it is supposed to combine the transfer of information with a sales pitch and a strong call to action. Since most Forex traders receive many promotional emails, the content found in the body of your email must be clear, concise, and aesthetically pleasing in order to stand out and ensure that the client reads beyond the title. Make sure that your email is one (maximum two) paragraphs long, and that the paragraphs themselves are not too long.

If your email contains graphic images, it is a good idea to tailor your written content to compliment the visual elements of the email. Not only is it easier to do (since the picture itself delivers a message), but it also creates a mailer that is easier on the eyes. A graphic image has the advantage that it is not analyzed by spam filters, which means it can contain information that would render the email as spam if it were written as free text. If your email contains graphic content, another good idea is to turn the image into a clickable link which leads directly to your landing page. Utilizing these two strategies is guaranteed to increase your CTR and commission.

Naturally, these alone do not suffice, but they are a good start for anyone who is new to the online marketing world, or is interested in incorporating email marketing into their existing infrastructure. Since the Forex market is dynamic and profit-oriented, it is important to know the tricks which will ensure that your email reaches the client’s inbox. Contact one of our affiliate managers to learn more about how we can help you achieve exactly that!