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Increasing client involvement in social media

Increasing client involvement in social media

Recent years have seen social media become more and more prevalent in our daily lives; and the use of these media outlets for advertising and marketing has grown to the point where it is now considered to be a field of expertise in the online marketing world, and a must for every company who wishes to remain competitive. The problem is that the increase in social media marketing (SMM) efforts led to a side- effect, in which clients who spend a considerable amount of time online automatically ignore advertisements, and nowadays SMM is almost a game of cat-and-mouse between advertisers trying to promote their product and users trying to avoid ad bombardment.

In order to overcome this problem, SMM professionals must think creatively, innovatively, and offer something substantial to prospective clients. In the Forex industry, the best thing to give is information. Make a series of Forex instructional videos and make them available only on your Facebook page, then use your Twitter or Instagram to advertise that you have uploaded the video. You can also share Youtube videos of people discussing Forex (just like you would share a non-professional video you like on your private page). The bottom line is that the trick is to give traders a reason to visit your Facebook page, follow your Twitter etc. then, once you have created a base of followers, you can begin inserting ads into your posts.

Another useful method of increasing trader involvement on your page is communicating with them. Leave open-ended questions or statements that lend themselves to comments. If all you post are statements, deals, and offers, nobody will engage with you. Keep it intelligent, though! Don’t ask stupid questions like “who wants a bonus” because obviously- EVERYONE WANTS A BONUS and such a question could actually end up harming your SMM efforts.

Remember to integrate your social Media Channels. Create Youtube videos and link them to your Facebook page, put links to Youtube and Instagram posts on your Twitter. Use videos, pictures, written posts, and other forms of communication to create a diverse body of advertisements which do not seem repetitive to users- otherwise you run the risk of coming across as boring, obnoxious, and “spammy”. Facebook also has a great PPC feature which allows advertisers to target people with an expressed interest in Forex, and creates ads that “fly under the radar”- but that’s a topic of its own.

The bottom line is that SMM is a great tool for promoting Forex brokers, but it must be used wisely and innovatively. Diversify your advertising channels, give your users/ followers concrete reasons to read what you send them so that they don’t ignore your ads when you send them. Keep your ads fresh and engaging, and see your results improve in no time.


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