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Affiliate Marketing – learn the basics

Affiliate Marketing – learn the basics

If you are an affiliate marketing professional, and are interested in using your network and infrastructure to promote our brand, we invite you to contact us. To our affiliates we offer a large selection of promotion materials (including web content, banners, landing pages, solo ads, and more), and give them all the necessary tools for success.

There are many ways in which affiliate marketing specialists can promote our services; including mass emails, different social media outlets, solo-ad campaigns, and more. In addition, many affiliates build websites on which they promote by posting advertisements and information with links to our brand and brokerage.
There are two main systems by which our affiliates are paid: CPA and Revenue Share (a.k.a “Rev Share”). CPA stands for “Cost Per Acquisition”, and in this type of deal the affiliate receives one large payment for every customer that they bring to the business that they are advertising. In a Rev Share deal, affiliates receive a set percentage of both the initial and subsequent payments that a client makes to the advertised businesses. The choice of CPA or Rev Share is up to the affiliate, and should be decided based on their long- term business goals and strategies.

Whole books can be written about the ins-and-outs of affiliate marketing, and we encourage interested individuals to learn more about this booming specialty. If you spend a considerable amount of time online and want to use your understanding of the web to make money, contact us today.