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5 Beginner Tips for Creating a Newsletter

5 Beginner Tips for Creating a Newsletter

E-mail newsletters and promotional offers are fast, inexpensive and effective ways to significantly increase your customer base,, thereby raising the prospects of making a profit. In order to maximize results, you need to consider the quality of the mailing list. We have a few tips on how to create and develop it.

1. 1. Start with what you have

Take some time to organize the data from your organizer and mailbox. E-mail addresses of friends, partners, colleagues, family or clients with whom you communicating periodically, can form the foundation of your future base. Add to it contacts all the new people you meet, and gradually you will form quite an impressive list.

2. 2. Remind people you exist

Do you have a Website? Use all kinds of interfaces to provide visitors an easy way of subscribing. Pop-up windows and registration forms are two examples of these. You may also want to include links to your subscription in your e-mail signature that automatically gets attached to mail you send out. Make sure to also list your first and last name, company name and phone number. It’s a good idea to also add an offer to be the first to access exciting events and top deals.

3. 3. Cooperate with others

Your contacts are likely to include someone who also earns money online. So it’s a good idea to exchange mailing lists or make an agreement to conduct a mutual promotion. By the way, do not forget to remind your subscribers to recommend your newsletter to friends. Sharing information and sending out large quantities of e-mails in the hope of discovering something useful may work wonders and can bring you a lot of new subscribers, and in the end – referrals.

4. 4. Use specialized resources

Sites like, and were created based on the example of large directories. People are always looking for new information and, as a rule, sign up for several newsletters on their topic of interest at the same time. Make sure to register to these resources.

5. 5. Write better, offer more

Let one of your tasks go something like this: create an offer that can’t be refused. If you make a rule to send out important, fresh and exclusive information – there’s no way it’ll end up in the “Spam” folder. Don’t be afraid to discuss joint actions with the company and offer your ideas to encourage customers who have signed up through your referral link. This will provide you with a good framework for generating proposals which people won’t be able to turn down.