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MaxiPartners – partnership program of the international brokerage firm which allows you to earn on Forex without having to do the trading.
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Introducing broker


If you have an innovative personality, an understanding of the Forex Market, and know how to use the internet in order to reach people from around the world, we want you in our team! To online marketing professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit we offer the opportunity to make a steady income in one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

“Introducing broker” — is one of our most lucrative programs for affiliate marketing professionals, which presents them with an opportunity to represent us and market our brand on a global level. Introducing Brokers continue to earn money throughout the client’s trading history, with 20% of their spread added to the introducing broker’s affiliate account.

For example: If your referral made a transaction with currency pair EUR/USD for total volume of 20 lots,
you will receive a $120 commission.