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Promoting affiliate links through video hosting

Promoting affiliate links through video hosting

The key advantage of using video sharing to promote your affiliate links is that this method brings results where other methods have proven ineffective.

Let’s start with the fact that video hosting are sites where you can upload your own videos and watch others through a browser or special player. Among the most popular video sharing sites are:,,,,,,, and Directions are simple: shoot the video, insert your unique referral link in the video description of the product, upload it to the site, and wait for results.

What should be in the video?

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel – let your movie be simple, feature the highest quality image quality and, if possible, correspond to the AIDA model, which is actively used in marketing.

A – Attention: Think about what will attract viewers. At the initial stage it is important to capture and keep the attention of the audience.
I – Interest: Find facts and images that will interest the viewer. Your task is to make sure people don’t press “stop” after the first few seconds of viewing. Make sure to describe the advantages offered by the company, offer the use of its services, and inform the viewer of prospects and opportunities not available to customers of other companies.
D – Desire: Offer conditions that cause each individual user viewing your video to generate the desire to use your service.
A – Action: Make a call to action. In this case, suggest that they access the website link and start trading.

The leader of the segment

YouTube is a video hosting service that does not require special representation. It’s frequented by about 100 million users daily. YouTube supports all major video formats: avi, 3GP, MOV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, SWF, and MKV. You can download a maximum of 10 movies in a row sized up to 1 GB each, with a duration of no more than 10 minutes. Make sure to read YouTube’s rules and regulations carefully so that your video doesn’t get removed.

YouTube has a section that subdivides videos uploaded to the site. Find it here XXXXX (link) You can upload your own movie collection – that is, create your own channel free of charge. But there is a paid service which involves promotions. You can find this function in the main menu: above the video there’s a “Promotion” botton. Or use the following link.