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MaxiPartners – partnership program of the international brokerage firm which allows you to earn on Forex without having to do the trading.
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The essence of partnership programs

The essence of partnership programs

Partner programs, also known as affiliate programs, are a format of results- driven online marketing, and a trend on the rise in the marketing/ advertising world. This marketing method has a model that is mutually beneficial to both the partner and the vendor, and in which the advertising partner receives compensation for clients who make a purchase. While partners are only compensated for attracting paying clients, the compensation for said clients is extremely high, and negotiable, making it in fact more profitable than charging lower sums for marketing efforts regardless of results.

There are three primary methods of compensation for affiliates: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Revenue Share (Rev Share) and Hybrid (which is a combination of the above). Depending on the product or service that the partner decides to promote, CPAs start are usually over $100 per paying client and can go as high as $350-400 per acquisition.

Affiliate marketing professionals, by nature, are independent and work in a manner that is close to freelancers; and many work from their home, café’s or private office spaces. This is, in fact, one of the most appealing elements of this job because it allows anyone with the drive to succeed and a computer with internet access to be their own boss and make a nice living on their own terms.

The key to being a successful partner is choosing a good product with a high CPA or Rev Share, a reliable record, and extensive marketing resources, and the first step towards becoming a successful partner is choosing the right product, the right company, and negotiating a good compensation plan. MaxiPartners is one of the most innovative and acclaimed affiliate programs in the Forex industry, which is considered to be one of the most profitable niches for affiliates around the world. With a global clientele, record of transparency, high payment options, and abundance of marketing materials, joining our program is an easy choice.

When taking the professional flexibility, financial potential, and independent lifestyle into consideration it is easy to see that affiliate marketing is not only a profitable endeavor, but also the future of the marketing industry. If you are looking to work online from home, we invite you to stay ahead of the curve and join the MaxiPartners program today.


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