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What is arbitrage traffic and where to start earning

What is arbitrage traffic and where to start earning

Monetization of traffic — one of the most important issues of the affiliate business.
About what is the Affiliate business as a whole, we figured out in the previous article.

How to maximize the monetization of traffic and make good money on it?

When placing any type of advertising of partner products on your own resource — on the site, in the blog, in public, on social networks, on Facebook, you recommend your subscribers to use your partner’s services and get a commission for everyone who is interested.

There are 4 common variants of partner commissions for attracted customers:
1) CPA (Cost Per Action) — Payment for the targeted action. The target action in our case is either a «lead» — a form filled by the client with his contact details, or a purchase — payment for a good or service.

In the case of Maxipartners, the CPA rate can be as high as $ 400.


  • not suitable for working with major customers (more $ 2000).

  • suitable for working with a large flow of applications;
  • you receive commissions immediately, regardless of the customer’s further trading history.

2) RevShare or a percentage of the company’s profits that your customers brought. Maxipartners offers up to 30% of the broker’s commission.


  • It does not work if your customer’s average check is $ 500 — $ 1000 and there are not many of them;

  • suitable for major customers (customers with a purchase of $ 2000).

With this type of cooperation, your commission is 3 times more than with CPA.

3) Hybrid (CPA+RevShare)
This is the most convenient option for partners, because it combines both offers.
Maxipartners offers CPA 200 + RevShare 15%.

This type of commission cooperation is suitable both at the testing stage, for example, if you are working with financial products for the first time and yet you do not know what volumes you will have.

  • Suitable for experienced partners. It is convenient to plan finances, because CPA can be used to purchase new traffic, and RevShare becomes your net profit.

4) Creating a level 2 program or «Subpartner»
This model is often used in network marketing.

You build your own network and receive a passive income from the work of your entire team. The Subpartner is also called the WIN-WIN system. The more your partners earn, the more you earn.
The target audience for finding partners in such projects is diverse: business and start-up communities, freelance exchanges, schools and communities, lead-generation training, CPA networks, advertising agencies and others.

When organizing such an affiliate program, Maxipartners offers 10% of the profits of your partners.
The commission plan can be chosen or changed through your personal manager.

How to achieve the highest possible conversion?

Recall that conversion is the percentage of the transition of potential customers to real customers.
Why do you think that some partners have a conversion of «Lead/sell» 30%, while others — 3%?
The secret of big money in affiliate programs is very simple. Despite the fact that the Partner himself does not negotiate the sale of services (the company does this), the Partner should always think about sales and build his sales crater.

How to generate high traffic and earn?

Never make the same offer to everyone. Choose and segment an audience.

Each of your contact with an audience is an attempt to a sale. Build relationships with customers, sell neatly, gently and unobtrusively.

It is better to make several variants of letters for different audiences. Despite the fact that your audience has about the same needs, everyone has their own approach to the solution. Segment the audience: each segment has their products and different promotional offers. The more you understand the audience, the more likely you are to reach to each of your customers.
Become a partner of Maxipartners, learn the principles of strategic marketing, and then your success will not keep you waiting!

All the basic concepts and terms on the topic of the Partner can be found in the Partner’s Dictionary.


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