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Create a business: affiliate marketing program

Create a business: affiliate marketing program

How to build a business under the wing of a reliable company

What is the affiliate business in principle?

The very expression of «affiliate business on the Internet», on the one hand, is very clear: there are partners who share the responsibility for doing business on the Internet, and, accordingly, the profit. Do you agree that it sound’s good!

On the other hand, there are many questions: what kind of business to organize, what services to provide, what products to trade, what type of management to choose and in general, where to get a partner and start-up capital?

The affiliate business on the Internet is interesting precisely because it can be started without having the skills and starting capital. Such a business is called «affiliation», so to speak, joining a large company as a kind of «affiliate». In fact, you take on the conduct of any of the business processes in an already existing large company. As a rule, this direction is the strategic marketing.

Let’s look in more detail at the intricacies of the affiliate business on the Internet.

Any, and including, partner business is carried out in two directions.

«Tovarka» is usually an online store selling inexpensive and popular products on the Internet. This niche is not stable enough, because there is a rapid change in trends: today it is talking hamsters, tomorrow it will be spinners, and the day after tomorrow are the goods for weight loss. Coping with such changes is not so simple, and no one is interested in working without profit. To become successful in this direction, it is necessary to take into account two important indicators:

  • a low average check and, accordingly, a small commission of a partner — high earnings;
  • a short transaction cycle, because in the online store the customer makes a quick purchase decision.

The second direction of the partner business is service

These are any services that are bought and sold through the Internet, there are many services. They are divided into Btb — services for business and BtC — services for individuals.

To sell goods and services you need to find customers. In any business, there are several ways to find potential customers. In the Internet business, the following scheme is applied: first, advertising is placed, and then the received applications are processed from potential customers. Such applications are called «leads». Call centers, front offices or sales managers work with each individual application in order to find out the needs of the potential customers in the product or in the service provided and conclude a deal. Learn all about how to make money to find potential customers in the article «How to monetize traffic».

What services and products are the most popular among customers on the Internet? Of course those are the most profitable and those that will help the client make a profit — financial services.

Why is it profitable to work with financial products?

Financial products are the most complex and at the same time the most interesting from the point of view of affiliate marketing: high average check, high conversion and huge budgets.

Precisely because the need for such services among the population is great, large companies that provide such services are inviting people to become a partner in the business partnership.

Yet, in the Russian and the Russian-speaking market such partners are not many.

What are the indicators you need to pay attention to when choosing a partner?

In addition to the average check and the transaction cycle, it is necessary to know about another important indicator: conversion. Conversion is the percentage of «leads» (potential customers) that will become buyers. The conversion directly depends on the professionalism of the managers of the parent company. More information about professional terms in the partner business can be found in the article «Partner’s Dictionary».
One of the leading projects in the partner business for today is Maxipartners.

Advantages of cooperation with Maxipartners:

  1. Experience: We are a part of the international holding Maxi Services Ltd., we are operating in the Russian financial market since 2008.
  2. Professionalism: Maxipartners — are the best brands in their businesses.
    We work with the highest conversion on the market, which is very important for our partners. Recall that conversion is the percentage of the transition of «leads» to customers, and depends on the work of managers. Leave a request as a client on one of our sites, and you yourself will be able to evaluate the work of our managers.
  3. Reaching the audience: At the moment, Maxipartners combines absolutely all kinds of financial products for customers from different countries around the world. Our products are the most popular services now on the forex, stock market and binary options. The maximum results in sales are achieved due to the professionalism of managers and the fact that we provide our clients with a service in 5 languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese.
    Join a reliable company, build your business and earn with us!

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